Overdue Article Review and Delay in Publication


As we all know, transition periods can sometimes be murky because they involve lots of gap-bridging, notes comparing, information transfer/handshake as well as missing links. The new Editorial Team of NIJOTECH also had to walk through this corridor, hence the seeming delay in the processing of some articles submitted before we took over.

We, therefore, appeal to our numerous authors who might have been nursing a sense of consternation due to delays in processing their papers to rest assured that their manuscripts will not be forgotten. Hence, if you submitted an article but have not heard from the Editorial Board since then, please feel free to contact us via email. Do not forget to mention the full title of your paper to enable us to track your manuscript.You can reach us via:


[email protected] 


[email protected]


Engr. Prof. Chidozie Charles Nnaji